Snap on Smile–mail order

I saw an online site that does snap on smile by mail. I was excited about that idea until I read some of their reviews. They had quite a few bad reviews saying that the company was dishonest. I did call and ask them about it. They said it was one person making tons of reviews because they weren’t happy with their results. Do you think it is safe to use this company?

Averil P.


This is not a reputable site. I don’t even need  you to give me the url. Here is why.  This makes about as much sense as getting braces by mail order.  First, you have to have a pretty detailed tooth impressions without any distortions. This not only takes training, but it takes some experience before it is done adequately.

Then, after an impression is made, there is the matter of placing the order with the DenMat company. How much facial bulk should you allow on your order? What shade should you order? Of course, we haven’t even dealt with the fact that the only place to get Snap-on Smile is through the DenMat company. They are required by law to only take orders from a dentist. I have no idea how this mail order company would get passed this. It’s possible they could lie, but would you really want to do business with a company that would knowingly be dishonest?  We haven’t even addressed the fitting that needs to be done in order to properly place it in your mouth.

As you can see there are many reasons why it just isn’t feasible to do Snap-on Smile by mail. You haven’t told me why the idea of mail order appealed to you. Is it a matter of dental fear? Maybe it is because you cannot locate a good dentist in your immediate area.  If you’ll let me know the root desire for mail order, I can try to help find something that will work for you.

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